Wall plate ‘Ice Scene’ Hendrick Avercamp, Large


Wall plate ‘Ice Scene’ Hendrick Avercamp, Large

The Golden Age is a period in the Dutch history that lasted from 1575 – 1675. The Dutch republic experienced a time of great wealth and arts and crafts, like painting, flourished. The picture on this plate is based on the painting Ice Scene by Hendrick Avercamp (Amsterdam January 1585 – Kampen, May 1634). Avercamp was a Dutch painter that had a special love for painting winter scenes. Ice Scene is on display in the Mauritshuis.

When we see snowy fields, roofs and streets, we quickly speak of a typical old-Dutch atmosphere. An atmosphere that we know from old paintings, among other things. Hendrick Avercamp specialized in creating winter landscapes.

Hendrick Avercamp was born in Amsterdam in the winter of 1585. At a young age he moved with his parents to Kampen. Because he was deaf and mute, he was also known as the mute of Kampen. At a young age, Avercamp became skilled in drawing.

Avercamp was the first Dutch artist to specialize in capturing winter landscapes and ice fun. The painter’s wintry works are now famous both at home and abroad. Nowadays, winters do not always provide ice fun. Avercamp was lucky. He lived in the “Little Ice Age” (ca.1550-1850), as a result of which canals, lakes and rivers were regularly covered with a solid layer of ice.

Dimensions: 31.5 cm / 12,4 inch
Weight: 1100 grams. / 38,8 oz

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