Oldtimers, De Echte Zwart-Wit Salmiak Klinkers


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  • Salmiak flavoured
  • Spicy

The Story Behind the Licorice:

THERE ARE PEOPLE who love spicy and there are people who love spicy. The real black-white Salmiak klinkers are intended for the second category of licorice lovers. I dare to state here with some certainty that the Klinkers is the strongest licorice that ever left my droplab. As you know, there is a story behind every licorice.

In the harsh winter of 1952. My cousin Sietse lived on a sandy road in the municipality of Smallingerland that needed to be paved once (the dirt road, not the municipality). Because of lack of money, however, that did not happen, while the job-seeking youth of Smallingerland would like to roll up their sleeves. One day in January they had it with sitting at home, that they decided to harden the sand road on their own initiative. The first inverted strike of our country was a fact. Because my cousin had ‘difficult knees’ and he wanted to contribute his bit, he asked me if I could think of a licorice that “gives these guys a helping hand.”

In the week that followed I came up with the Real black-white Salmiak Klinkers. A particularly spicy licorice with a deep salmiak taste, powdered with black-white. Unfortunately, the self-proclaimed road workers worked so fast that they were ready when I still was looking for the right black-white ratio. Half a year later the licorice came on the market, to grow into the licorice that cooperates in the reconstruction. When prosperity and prosperity reached our country in the 1960s, the licorice slowly but surely fell into oblivion. But times change. There is a need for firm liquor again. Licorice that gives a hard heart to the hard-working person. The Klinkers are back.

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