Leopard Clogs, Genuine Leather


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Posture Problems? Try our Leopard Clogs.

Tired feet after a day of hard work, we all know it. Whether you work as a tourist guide and walk several kilometers every day, as a cashier that stands behind the cash register all day. Or maybe you sit behind a desk all day. At the end of the day you got tired and sometimes even sore feet. You may think that it is part of it, or that nothing can be done about it. Well, we think differently about that. And our solution is these Leopard Clogs.

The shoes from the 70’s and 80’s are still going strong.

The leather clogs were well known for its popularity in the 70’s and 80’s, and still is perfect footwear.
It provides the best of both worlds. The comfort of the orthopedic shaped sole that follows the arch of your feet. And the looks and comfort of a normal leather shoe. 

Why are leather clogs so comfortable?

The clogs we sell are made from poplar wood and genuine cow leather. The leather of the clogs will stretch and mould to your feet, wich makes it absolutely the most comfortable shoe in the world. The cow leather ensures a supple upper. The wooden sole is orthopedic shaped and therefore provides ultimate comfort. The bottom of the sole is covered with a polyurethane anti-slip sole. This gives you less wear and ensures that you do not slip. 

Because of the orthopedic qualities of the leather clogs, Swedish clogs are often used by nurses, receptionist, cassiers and other people that need to stand a lot.

Why buy these Leopard Clogs?

  • super comfortable shoe
  • strong
  • wooden orthopedic footbed, improves posture
  • comfortable though fashionable
  • high quality materials
  • genuine cow leather
  • anti-slip polyurethane outsole
  • perfect working shoes
  • manifactured in the Netherlands
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