Helicopter Wooden Clog Toy


 Why buy Wooden toys?

Toys have been an extreme important part of childhood since early civilization and while children today are much different than those thousands of years ago, many of their favorite toys are similar to those that have been around for centuries.The earliest toys discovered by archaeologists were all made of wood. Nowadays other materials are often used in toys, yet wood is hard to surpass. It is very durable, children can often handle their toys wildly. Our wooden toys can take a beating. In addition, the material is natural and therefore not harmful to health. sucking on a wooden car is not bad at all.

Wooden toys. They are timeless, transcending generations, and they are durable. Today more than ever children need to feel connected with the outdoors, and so bringing the outside inside by providing wooden toys provides a way of connecting them with the outdoors with nature.

Clog Helicopter

This wooden toy is extra special. The helicopter is clog shaped. Just like the toys dutch children made themself from worn out clogs in the old days. Fly around with your clog plane. (you have to make the flying sound yourself)

Wooden Clog Toys, a Original Gift

It is probably a known problem, it is a difficult task to find a suitable gift for a children’s party. It must be a nice gift, but at the same time also original. After all, you don’t want you to buy a toy that the child already owns. With this clog toy you definitely bring an original gift to the party. In addition, wooden toys are and always will remain popular

Clog Toys, a Feast for the Eyes

Besides that it is very nice to play with the wooden clog toys, they also look beautiful. Toys like this do not necessarily have to be cleared when your child has finished playing. It is also very nice to put a number of different clog toys on the windowsill or on a shelf. It will certainly brighten up your (children’s) room, because they are a feast for the eyes.

Material:    Wood
Size:          14 cm / 5,5 inch

Weight0.2 kg


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