Delft Blue Kissing Couple (10 cm)


Delft Blue Kissing couple (10 cm),

One of the most famous kissing couples in the world, the Delft blue kissing couple! It is a very nice gift for a wedding. This kissing couple has a unique shape, designed by Heinen Delfts Blauw. This kissing couple has unique orange clogs and a nice orange tulip. On the foot is on one side: ‘Kisses from …’ and the other side ‘Holland’.

There is not much information about the origin of the traditional kissing couple. Some say this picture of Jan & Grietje was the inspiration for the figurines. The kissing kids picture was taken in Volendam, North Holland around 1920. Probably a souvenir merchant has seen this picture and inspired him to make the first kissing couple figurines. In every region of the Netherlands the traditional costumes look different. Altough most figurines have got the Volendam costumes, there is a wide variation in costumes among the kissing couple figurines.

Size: 10 cm / 3,9 inch
Weight : 148 gram / 5,2 oz

Weight0.2 kg


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