Cookie Mould, Man, 25 Cm / 10 Inch


Cookie Mould, Man, 25 Cm / 10 Inch,

Speculaas, together with the Stroopwafel, is the best known and most popular Dutch cookie. But what not everyone knows is that speculaas is a invention from the Dutch golden age (17th century). The cookie has a rich tradition and the recipe has been perfected over the centuries.

What is Speculaas?

Speculaas is a hard cake / cookie that is mainly eaten in the Netherlands and Belgium. The speculaas gets the specific taste by adding speculaas spices. This is a mixture of the following herbs:

  • white pepper
  • cinnamon
  • ginger
  • clove
  • cardamom
  • nutmeg

The majority of the speculaas spices consist of cinnamon. Sugar is also an important ingredient of speculaas. The characteristic forms stem from sacrifices made by means of cookies. These where created with a speculaas board. The Catholic Church portrayed their saints through cookies, especially Saint Nicholas because this was a very popular saint. Nowadays you can also see speculaas boards in the shape of a windmill or a wooden shoe.

Bake your own Speculaas cookies with our cookie boards. Recipe included

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