4 Souvenir Clogs, Blue, 6 Cm / 2.36 Inch


Souvenir Clogs

Small clogs can be used for all kinds of purposes. First of all it is of course a nice gift. It is small but significant, a clog is inextricably linked to the Netherlands, so you can give all your friends a little piece of the Netherlands as a gift.

Dress your doll up with Dutch shoes.

In addition, there are of course a whole lot of other fun things you can do with the small souvenir clogs. You can equip your dolls with nice clogs so that your doll looks like a real Dutchman.

A decorative ornament.

You can also use the souvenir clogs as a decorative ornament. for example, you can decorate your Christmas tree with these beautiful wooden shoes. But in many other places too, a small pair of clogs can add a nice touch to your room.

Material:       Wood
Size:             6 cm / 2,36 inch
Quantity:      4 pair

Weight0.2 kg


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