Klompenrun 2021

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To Klompenrun 2021

September 18th 2021

History of the Klompenrun

On September 15, 2020, the first edition of the annual klompenrun took place in the beautiful village of Marken. Due to covid, only 2 participants were present at this first edition. The world’s most traveled clog runner Harld Baldr took on “Supreme Clog guy” Sebastiaan Bouter. This resulted in a victory for the younger and fitter Sebastiaan.

The young klomp runner celebrated this victory with a dive in the Marker harbour, and a new tradition was born. Klomprunning is now an internationally known sport and is growing in popularity. There are even voices that want to give the sport the Olympic status.

Second Anual Clog Run

clog runner harald baldr

At the 2th edition of the klompenrun, (September 18th 2021) we hope that the corona measures have been weakened, and more participants can be welcomed. “The great” Heraldo will undoubtedly want to take another shot at the win, “Clogman 47” Joel will join, and Sebastiaan will also want to defend his title. Hopefully many more enthusiastic clog runners will join to make this event a success.

The beautiful village of Marken is once again the setting for this great race. The former Island got connected to the mainland in 1957, but still breathes the atmosphere of an old Dutch fishing village with its 140 monumental buildings. Participation is of course only allowed with the traditional wooden footwear which are available in all sizes in our wooden shoe factory.

We look forward to welcoming you at the 2nd edition of the clog run.


Winner: Sebastiaan Bouter

Runner up: Harald Baldr

Klompenrun 2020 Video

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