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Clog Slippers,

You want to buy a few typical Dutch clogs, but you think the real ones are too noisy or too heavy. Then I got the solution for you: Wooden Shoe Slippers. Keep your feet nice and comfortable with these warm slippers. These Clog Slippers are perfect for indoors, you won’t get in trouble with your neighbours if you use these ones indoors. The plush of the fabric is not too thick so you won’t get sweaty feet that easily. The designs on the slippers are unique designs from our store, and are only available from us. The wooden shoe slippers also have a stiffened anti-slip sole, so you won’t slip on slippery floors, even though they are called clog slippers. For this reason our clog slippers are very suitable for children. Climbing, running and playing becomes a lot safer with these wooden shoe slippers. As an extra advantage, you also look super Dutch. What is more Dutch than a pair of wooden shoes?

Clog Slippers are the Best

Clog slippers are the best, nicest and most practical way to keep your feet nice and warm during cold days. They are not only super comfortable, they are also soft thanks to the plush. Another great advantage: When your wife / husband gets angry and starts throwing shoes. Is it a lot safer to own these clogs than the real wooden ones. These slippers can therefore also save lives. 😉

Unique Designs from Marken

Our collection of wooden shoe Slippers have got a unique design you can’t buy anywhere else. Our slippers are therefore of higher quality than you can buy in other souvenir shops. Are you looking for nice warm slippers of solid quality? Then look no further and buy these Dutch wooden shoe slippers.The slippers can be washed in the washing machine, so when they get dirty it is easy to get them clean again

Clog Slippers in Summary

These slippers are perfect for indoor, the main advantages:

  • Warm soft footwear
  • Stiffened anti-slip sole
  • Washing machine proof
  • Less noisy than the wooden ones
  • When somebody throws this shoe at you it won’t hurt
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