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Dutch Kitchen Towels, a Quality Product 

The Dutch kitchen towels are wellknown for their good quality and durability, especially the twents damast kitchen towels are worldfamous for that reason. The east of the Netherlands is known for its textile industry, where quality fabrics like these Dutch kitchen towels have been made for centuries.

The kitchen is the heart of the house. Here housemates come together to cook, eat and chat together. And despite all the modern gadgets and equipment of today, no kitchen can do without ‘good old’ hand and dish towels. Our Dutch kitchen towel collection offers plenty of choice. From timelessly stylish, to outspokenly cheerful, in colorful designs or a classic diamond, for every day or for special occasions.

Twents Damast, Dutch Quality Fabrics

The towels come from the Twents Damast factory in the Twente region at the east of the Netherlands. Textiles have been produced here since 1813. With more than 2 centuries of experience and an eye for quality, the Twents Damast factory can deliver top quality.

The History of Twents Damast

The textile industry was very important in Twente from an early age. Industry is actually too big of a word, because the spinning and weaving took place at home. Many people had a spinning wheel and there were also houses with a loom. They mainly made linen. At the end of the eighteenth century, traders put several spinning wheels and looms together in a large building. People could work there and they were given wages for that. The linen that was made in such a “factory” was sold by the trader. This has been the start of the textile industry in Twente.

One of these traders was Bendien, the son of a Jewish textile trader. In the beginning, only linen was woven at the Bendien factory. But later they also made cotton. Bendien also supplied damast. This is a precious fabric in which names and figures are woven. The Bendien factory was therefore named Twentsche Damast, Linen and Cotton factory. Nowadays this is abbreviated to Twents damast.

Buy Dutch Kitchen Towels

The Dutch kitchen towels that we sell have been produced for many years and they are still very popular. The Twents Damast brand name is for many the same as quality kitchen towels. It is also claimed by some that the dish towels are the best glasses cleaning cloths in the world. Browse around in our Dutch kitchen towel collection and order the handtowel or dishcloth of your liking

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