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Are you familiar with the fashionable Dutch wooden shoes? The ‘clog’ is one of those typical Dutch icons. It is almost synonymous with Holland, making it one of the most iconic souvenirs. On the former island of Marken, visit the only steam-engine powered clog factory in the world. Here you will learn all about the craft that goes into making them.

Steam Engine

Traditionally, wooden shoes have been worn all over the world to provide protection. These were held to the feet with textile or leather. Since the 13th century, wooden shoes have also been made in the Netherlands, soon called the klomp! In the Netherlands, the wooden shoe is completely made of wood because there were almost no cows, the land was much too wet, so leather is very expensive. During the industrial revolution, the clog machine was invented powered by a steam engine.

The wooden shoe maker on Marken is a big fan of old machines, so an original steam engine was at the top of the list! After six years of searching, one was found, and what kind! An original Badenia locomotive, made in Germany in 1913. Originally drawn to the workplace by 4 to 6 horses, weighing 5000 kilos!

When the man retired, he no longer needed the steam engine. He still had the plan to place the machine in his farm as a heat source, but his wife didn’t like that! After many years, this beautiful machine is in the wooden shoe factory on Marken where you can experience for yourself how this old lady brings a piece of history and culture of the Netherlands to life with the help of wooden shoe machines dating from 1906!

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Sebastiaan Bouter, one of our Wooden Shoe Makers, will lead you through our shop and clogs tour.

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